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Luck on the bench this week!

October 16, 2018

             It looks like Dirty Landry was the one putting Luck on the bench this week but it was actually the Blue Footed BB’s who did and he still got lucky. Even with the San Francisco 49ers’ loss to Green Bay Packers last night, Blue Footed BB’s Kicker – Robbie Gould (with 15pts) scored more than his Quarterback – Deshaun Watson (with 7.2pts). Taking his team now to 5-1 in the West division. Team Taco making it another sad week for Team Landers who is now 0-6. Will he get a win this year? Team Tomassoni making Team Legsli rethink playing fantasy football ever again. Don’t forget to look at the bye weeks y’all. The Yarrrrrlett Fantasy Pirates beats Team Sutton who has Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback putting up over 30pts 4 out of 6 games. Don’t forget O’Charley’s for H.Y.P.E. Happy Hour this Wednesday, 10/17/2018 from 5pm-7pm! (click link for more details)

Blue Footed BB’s (BB)
(5-1)Daniel Fugate
Dirty Landry (DL)
(2-4)Scott Voigt


Knox Killers (RITC)
(3-3)Lance Ritchie
Team Starnes (STAR)
(3-3)Eric Starnes


Team Trent (TREN)
(3-3)Dakota Trent
Something Clever (WTF)
(3-3)Mark Maggiolo


Team landers (LAND)
(0-6)jay landers
Team Taco (TACO)
(4-2)Bret Paul


Team Legslii (LEZ)
(3-3)Leslie Beach
Team Tomassoni (TOMA)
(4-2)Brandon Tomassoni


Yarrrrrlett Fantasy Pirates (YARR)
(3-3)Kris Yarlett
Team Sutton (SUTT)
(3-3)Patrick Sutton

Written by: Scott Voigt,,

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Katherine Smith
20:39 08 Jan 19
HYPE is a great way to meet people and get connected with other organizations in Morristown. I grew up here but moved away for college and only recently returned after spending 13+ years away. HYPE has helped me meet new friends and reconnect with old friends in this new stage of life.
Scott Voigt
19:02 18 Sep 18
Being somewhat new to the area, H.Y.P.E. has connected me to a very awesome group of professionals in my age group. I was invited to play on a kickball team and really enjoyed it. Even though it made me aware of how out of shape I really am. Lol. Not really knowing much about the area, this group also helped me with some great recommendations. There were multiple instances that I didn't know where to go. and they were there to guide me Thank you for being such a great group of individuals! Hoping to make it to Happy Hour tomorrow at Aubrey's on the west end!
Avery Swinson
00:26 19 May 18
If you are a young professional looking to connect with other professionals in the Lakeway Area, look no further! HYPE is an excellent opportunity to get plugged in and network in the community. Check out one of the many events HYPE offers throughout the year!
Karina Mosier
22:42 16 May 18
HYPE is such a great group if you are looking to get plugged in or involved in the Lakeway Area. HYPE sponsors many social, community and networking events that makes it a great way to meet and mingle with local talent.
15:09 16 May 18
HYPE is a great organization for connecting with other young professionals in the Lakeway area. The monthly events, service projects, and rec league teams are great ways to get involved around town.
Kris Yarlett
14:41 16 May 18
I always have a great time with HYPE!! It is an awesome venue to meet local young professionals in the Lakeway area.
14:34 16 May 18
I really enjoy all the different social events from monthly happy hours, wine tastings, Christmas party and Derby party. It's been a great way to meet new people even thought I've lived here my whole life. Highly recommend checking the group out.
Whitney McGowan
13:06 16 May 18
HYPE is a great way for young professionals to become more involved in their community. The group hosts a variety of events ranging from happy hours, to sports teams and partners with other organizations in town to promote events.
Brian Latchford
14:45 18 Apr 18
HYPE is a fun group of "young" professionals that is also working to have a positive impact within Morristown during the enormous growth seen in our area.
Christina Woody
15:01 14 Mar 18
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